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The company’s core business is the purchase of live pigs for slaughter, sows, the slaughter and subsequent sale of pork halves of various kinds. In addition to delivering goods, we also offer the service of slaughtering pigs. 

The most important indicator of success for us is the long-term satisfaction of our customers, business partners and employees. We are aware that our achievements are the joint work of all employees of the company. The statement that human potential is the highest value we have must not turn into an empty phrase in our company. We have a perfect work team. Our employees will serve each customer professionally and promptly.

As to food quality and safety, our company supports the development of activities aimed at constantly improving the quality, safety of products and services delivered. Food safety is our number one priority and is binding on all employees.

In the field of food safety, we focus on the production and supply of safe food products, satisfying customer needs and constantly improving the efficiency of the implemented HACCP system. In production, we centre our attention on continuous growth and improving the quality and safety of our products.

We only cooperate with suppliers who are able to provide high-quality and safe raw materials so that we only place safe foods on the market.

The company has a certified HACCP system in place and follows the principles of good manufacturing practices.


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NOURUS - MÄSO s.r.o.

Slovak Republic
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